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mercredi 26 mars 2008

les albums de Stevie Wonder

The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie (1962, Motown) -
Tribute to Uncle Ray (1962, Motown) -
Recorded Live! - The 12 Year Old Genius (1963, Motown) US charts: #1
With a Song In My Heart (1963, Motown) -
Stevie at the Beach (1964, Motown) -
Uptight (Everything's Alright) (1966, Motown) US charts: #32
Down to Earth (1966, Motown) US charts: #92
I Was Made to Love Her (1967, Motown) US charts: #45
Someday at Christmas (1967, Motown)US charts: #81
For Once In My Life (1968, Motown) US charts: #50
My Cherie Amour (1969, Motown) US charts: #34
Signed, Sealed and Delivered (1970, Motown)US charts: #25
Where I'm Comin' From (1971, Motown)US charts: #62
Music of My Mind (1972, Motown) US charts: #21
Talking Book (1972, Motown) US charts: #3
Innervisions (1973, Motown) US charts: #4
Fulfillingness' First Finale (1974, Motown) US charts: #1
Songs in the Key of Life (1976, Motown) US charts: #1
Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants (1979, Motown) US charts: #4
Hotter Than July (1980, Motown) US charts: #3
In Square Circle (1985, Motown) US charts: #5
Characters (1987, Motown) US charts: #17
Conversation Peace (1995, Motown) US charts: #16
A Time to Love (2005, Motown) US charts: #5

Recorded Live - The Twelve-year-old-genius (concert, 1963, Motown)
Greatest Hits (compilation, 1968, Motown)
Eivets Rednow featuring Alfie (instrumentaux sous le pseudonyme de Eivets Rednow, 1968, Motown)
Live In Person (concert, 1970, Motown)
Stevie Wonder Live (concert, 1970, Motown)
Stevie Wonder's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (compilation, 1971, Motown)
Looking Back (a.k.a. Anthology) (compilation, 1977, Motown)
Stevie Wonder's Journey Through the Secret Life Of Plants (bande originale, 1979, Motown)
Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium I (compilation, 1982, Motown)
The Woman In Red (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (bande originale, 1984, Motown)
Jungle Fever (Music from the Movie) (bande originale, 1991, Motown)
Natural Wonder (double album en concert, 1995, Motown)
Song Review - A Greatest Hits Collection (compilation, 1996, Motown)
Ballad Collection (compilation, 1999, Motown)
At the Close Of a Century (coffret quatre disques, 1999, Motown)
The Definitive Collection (compilation, 2002, Motown)
The iTunes Stevie Wonder Boxset (compilation iTunes, 2005, Motown)
Number Ones (compilation, 2007, Motown)

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